In the instance of fast-rising Trap musician and Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif, it appears that having an endless supply of lyrical bars in rapping is quite similar to making moves on a lady.

The First and Second Semon hitmaker, Mohammed Ismail Sherif, claims he has never been in a romantic relationship with a woman.

Black Sherif said in an interview with Delay that a negative experience in senior high school prompted him to put a stop to that aspect of his life.

According to Black Sherif, being rejected by a lady in SHS left a severe scar on him, one so deep that he is unable to perform the gesture on another.

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It’s fairly uncommon for a person of interest in show business, particularly music, to have admirers fawning over them.

Black Sherif, on the other hand, claims to have decided to stay away from any such thing. For the time being, he doesn’t mind admiring females when he sees them.

“I adore women but would never approach or propose to one… Because of my previous experience, I’m now afraid to approach a female.

“I got bounced the first time I made a move on a female in senior high school. We had started school again, and all of the lads were moving around. I tried to make a move as well, but I was rejected down…” he said to presenter Delay.

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When Delay followed up by asking if he had received any proposals through his social media DMs, Black Sherif said no. His social media accounts are typically managed by his management, he said.

“So you’ve never had a girlfriend; does that imply you’re still a virgin?” she questioned, still unconvinced by his explanation. which Black Sherif agreed with.


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