When his security tried to remove him off the platform, a fan of Afrobeat musician Wizkid grabbed him and dragged him down.

When the Wizkid fan came on stage to embrace him firmly, his security men tried to push him away, but Wizkid was trying to be nice and asked his people not to push the fan off the platform, which led to his famous fall.

As Wizkid’s security took him off stage, he returned on the stage lying on the floor, holding Wizkid’s legs when he was ready to move during his performance, and the next thing we saw was our star boy on the floor.

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It was a pretty comical moment witnessing Wizkid fall flat on his face, and netizens were just giggling because the manner he fell was so ridiculous, and how his security was attempting to keep the person from getting too near to him, but despite all of that, he still went down.

Wizkid sinking because someone tried to pull him is the reason why most artists refuse to allow fans to approach them in public or during performances, leading many to believe they are doing so out of pride.

Watch the video below:

Source: Dklassgh.com

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