Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame, the popular Ghanaian musician, and entrepreneur has explained why he views music as a career rather than a job.

In an interview with Kokonsa Kester on The Weekend Rush, he stressed how dedicated and consistent he is to music because it is the only thing he is doing right now. He added that because music is his profession, he gathers information and does studies to assist him to enhance his skill.

When questioned why the Ghanaian music system doesn’t favor certain musicians, he said that the Ghanaian music business isn’t operating because we aren’t working. He talked about how members of the Ghanaian music business attempt to keep themselves out of the industry’s issues.

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He also urged his fellow musicians to assist bring attention to the industry’s problems so that they can be addressed.

Okyeame Kwame shared some information about his latest novel, Love Lockdown.

“During the lockdown, my wife and I created a novel called Love Lockdown.” “We didn’t have much to do, so we started to write down our ideas,” he explained.

“Another reason we chose to create this book was that many ladies were asking my wife for relationship and marital guidance. He went on to say, “We just decided to put our views and opinions about marriage and relationships into a book since she ended up becoming a mentor.” Love lockdown covers a wide range of themes and subjects, including romance, marriage motives, and sexual rejection. He also revealed his new track, Love Lockdown, which features songstress Adina.

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Okyeame Kwame concluded the conversation by urging both women and men to set their egos aside and communicate more, as well as get to understand one another since these qualities assist to strengthen relationships.

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