Kuami eugene
Kuami eugene

Kuami Eugene, the Ghanaian High life, Afrobeat musician and songwriter, argues that negative comments would not deter him from creating music.

People will always find problems with Kuami Eugene, but it will not stop him from producing music or from being himself, according to Kuami Eugene.

He claimed he is aware of the tantrums people hurl at him, especially when he releases new songs, on TV3 New Day’s Entertainment program.

Kuami Eugene has been accused of copying music from other artists without permission for quite some time now.

He remarked, however, that he is unconcerned about negative criticism. Because he is more focused on his personality and positive contributions to music.

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Negative comments about his musical career began after Amakye Dede labeled him the future highlife king, according to the award-winning singer.

Due of his (Kuami’s) age, Amakye Dede was harshly chastised by industry players for entrusting the highlife genre to Kuami Eugene.

Since the incident, the “Bunker” hitmaker claims he has gotten constant criticism.

Despite this, Kuami claims that some Ghanaians really adore him and are enthusiastic supporters of his music.

“I am truly adored.” Whatever is going on and whatever is being said about me, Ghanaians adore me. And I’m grateful for it,” he remarked.

The highlife singer went on to say that his open-mindedness toward his music prevents him from listening to detractors.

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Kuami Eugene, who just published the song “Bunker,” said he wants everyone to know that despite the resistance, he would never give up on music.

“My song’s lyrics do not imply that I am criticizing anyone.” It’s basically a statement to the world that I’m not going to give up because of the naysayers.”

Source: Dklassgh.com

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