Psalm Adjeteyfio
Psalm Adjeteyfio

In a new interview with Citi News Room, Psalm Adjeteyfio disclosed that he owes 8,000 cedis in electricity bills.

The legendary actor claimed he became owing to the electricity provider because they never sent him a bill for a long time until his debt grew to that large sum. Despite not getting monthly invoices, he said he has been paying his own costs.

We’re not sure if he gave this interview to the court for sympathy and to receive money after receiving assistance from Ghana’s Vice President and other well-intentioned Ghanaians when his poverty dominated public debate a few weeks ago.

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Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Kumerican rapper Kweku Darlington is planning to sue an upcoming artist named Ikan for allegedly stealing his song Sika Kankan, claiming that the song was written by him.

The upcoming artist Ikan shared his freestyle a few hours after releasing his song Sika Kankan, insinuating that Kweku Darlington stole his song because he shared his freestyle on his page a long time before he released his song.

Kweku Darlington, on the other hand, has claimed that the music is his. According to the…continue reading


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