Shatta Wale, the Ghanaian dancehall musician, has urged his followers to embrace his music, stating that even if it is borla, they should be proud of it and support him as Ghanaians.

Most people believe Shatta Wale just releases borla songs, and it appears that he has accepted this and has begged his fans to embrace him regardless of how borla his songs sound.

He claims that if he releases his songs, even if they are borla, they should support him because, as we all know, borla is in everyone’s house, so we should also encourage our own borla when musicians release it.

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Shatta Wale then went on to encourage his followers to be proud Borlians, adding that they should do it for Ghana so that Kwame Nkrumah may smile for a change in his grave, and while Shatta Wale was joking about, he had a point.

Every country has borla songs, and it is our responsibility to support our own, even if they are borla. As a result, Shatta Wale fans and all Ghanaians must learn how to support their own, just as everyone supports their artists even if they aren’t excellent.

He wrote:

Pls Twitter if i release my songs and they are Borla kwraaa pls support it ok cuz you know borla dierrr we all get some for houseLet’s also promote our borla

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Be a proud Borlian

Let’s do this for Ghana at least so kwame Nkrumah can smile for once in his resting place 


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