Araba Atta, a young and bold actress, has denied dating diminutive actor Don Little.

Arab Atta rose to prominence as a result of skits and comedy films from the Takoradi at a young age and is currently regarded as one of the most prominent child performers.

In a recent interview, Araba Atta addressed dating charges against Don Little. There is nothing wrong with dating Don Little, she claims, because he is both a human being and a guy, thus there is nothing wrong with their dating. In reaction to reports that the two of them were dating, she stated this.

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Watch the video below:

However, Adelaide the Seer, the vision-challenged Ghanaian singer, has said that she is no longer managed by Dope Nation, a Ghanaian music partnership.

Adelaide The Seer, according to the twin brothers, is gifted with a great deal of skill, and they will do all in their power to display that talent so that the entire world can see what she is capable of.

However, it appears that this promise has yet to be fulfilled, as Adelaide has announced the reason for her departure from the music duet.

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The 25-year-old singer told GhanaWeb’s Elsie Lamar on Talkertainment that she ask...continue reading


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