Captain Smart

Captain Smart, the well Ghanaian media personality, has stated that every married man should suck his wife’s b00bs every morning in order to live longer.

According to him, the God who created the b00bs to satisfy men’s desires blesses every man who sucks his wife’s breast every morning with wisdom and knowledge.

He went on to say that sucking b00bs every morning before going about one’s day’s activities always extends one’s life.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Godfred Osei Amoako, better known in entertainment circles as AMG Armani, the Ghanaian rapper has said that his latest track, “Maabena,” is about an unfaithful girlfriend.

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According to him, the narrative is about an unfaithful girl that one of his friends told him about a long time ago, and he felt it would be appropriate to record it as a song.

Armani said on TV3 New Day’s Entertainment Segment that despite presents being lavished on his friends’ lover, she still strayed.

The song, which featured Medikal and Tulenkey and was released earlier this month, ha...continue reading


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