Ikon And Kweku Darlington
Ikon And Kweku Darlington

Ikon, a rising star, has stated that after stealing his music, has vowed to murder him.

Ikon claims to be the rightful owner of Kwaku Darlington's new single “Sika Kankan.”

“When I was doing the song, I shot a little video of it and uploaded it on my status, but I erased it because I didn't realize others had already downloaded it, so people began uploading it and it became viral,” she says.

It was even uploaded by Kofi Asamoah, and it became viral.”

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Ikon revealed in an interview with Agyemang Prempeh on his “Power Entertainment” show that on the day they were about to release the song, a man sent him a video of 's song, claiming that the song had already been stolen.

“I called my producer, and we rushed to the studio and had a quick meeting before calling Kumi Kasa and telling him what had happened and that we wanted to release our song.”

“Kumi Kasa posted his video and Kwaku Darlington's video as well, the same song, and Kwaku Darlington's Manager texted Kumi Kasa saying he doesn't want to ruin their relationship due to the respect he has for him, so he shouldn't drop their song, and any money they have paid him, he will pay twice,” he said.

Kwaku Darlington obtained the music from his snap video, he went on to say.

Nonetheless, Kwaku Darlington and his producer have vowed to murder him and have threatened to take him to court over the matter.

Watch the video below:

Source: Dklassgh.com