Bessa Simons
Bessa Simons

Acting President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bessa Simons, has advised musicians to be authentic and distinctive in order to market their brand.

His statement follows the arrest of Shatta Wale, who is being probed by the police for his alleged involvement in a ‘fake’ gunshot incident.

This has sparked a debate in the entertainment industry regarding the necessity for celebrities to maintain decorum in public spaces, particularly on social media, where they interact directly with their fans.

However, Bessa, a well-known music legend, claims that other artists were imitating mindlessly by churning out contentious or false news and that this does not keep artists relevant.

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“Some of our artists are imitating mindlessly, believing that by releasing some provocative news, they would remain current at all times.” Because young people look up to you as a celebrity, any negative behavior you exhibit might have an influence on their life.

“Too much negative publicity is harmful to the business as a whole.” To interact with their audiences, artists should find something authentic or distinctive about themselves. They would not be able to succeed if they told falsehoods.

“Fans already know what their favorite artists are capable of, so lying about oneself damages your credibility,” he said in an interview with Ghana News Agency.

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Bessa also stated that the industry’s bad aspects do not help it develop since investors are hesitant to put their money into it.


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