Sister Derby and Lydia Forson
Sister Derby and Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson, the Ghanaian actress, and businesswoman have finally revealed that she and her bestie Sister Derby are not dating.

Sister Derby hasn’t shown any significant male she’s in a relationship with since her public separation with rapper Medikal. In Lydia Forson’s instance, obnoxious admirers have long questioned when she was going to walk down the aisle.

Lydia Forson, who was dancing with Sister Derby at a club in a recent video shared on her Instagram page, made it obvious that they were “settled,” which implies they are no longer single.

Watch the video below:

However, Funny Face, who is currently in police custody, cried and pleaded with God to take his life, according to popular TV presenter Kofi Adomah.

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Funny Face was arrested shortly after Kofi Adomah granted him an interview at his studio, and according to all indications, the comedian feels worthless at the moment and lacks the strength to keep pushing.

Funny Face had been weeping since he was transported to the prisons, according to the Kofi TV CEO who paid him a visit.

“Some of his inmates a…continue reading


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