Eddy Nartey
Eddy Nartey

Eddie Nartey, the Ghanaian actor and  filmmaker, believes that learning the “rudiments” of acting in two months is sufficient.

According to thespian EN academy, after two months of studying the fundamentals of acting and practicing on the job, his students are ready for the job market.

“…who is a full-fledged actor?” We learn something new every day, and I don’t believe Abraham Attah was a full-fledged actor until he became the fame we see today. All you need is an opportunity and some instruction, and then you can start acting. As long as you’re consistently practicing on the field…not it’s enough for you to be fully blown in two months, but it’s enough for you to gain the talent and utilize it to drive whatever job you choose to pursue. I believe that two months is plenty to learn the nitty-gritty, the fundamentals of acting and show business.” When MzGee wondered if 2 months of learning was enough to become a full-fledged actor, Eddie Nartey opined.

When asked if his approach undermines the academic framework of studying the arts for four years, the actor, who spent four years of his life studying theatrical arts at the University of Ghana, doubts the value of acquiring theories for a more practical vocation. He feels that studying theatrical arts for four years at university was a waste of time.

“I’m not sure why I did it. What am I learning? It’s too much, it’s too lengthy. I went to a performing arts school, but sometimes I wonder why I stayed for four years. What am I going to do with Greek theatre after learning Medieval theatre? History can be interesting at times, but it has little bearing on how you conduct your work.”

We go to a performing arts school for four years and only participate in one performance over that time, no way! EN Academy’s actor-turned-principal tells MzGee.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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