Terry Bonchaka
Terry Bonchaka

The tragic news of the ‘pulele’ hitmaker’s premature death prompted widespread outrage, discussions, and disagreements across all social media platforms, as most Ghanaians had not anticipated to hear such painful news at that time.

Apart from the late Suzy Williams, Ebony, and a few others, Terry Bonchaka was probably one of Ghana’s most gifted celebrities who were earning a lot of popularity owing to their hard work and devotion to their various industries until the unexpected happened.

Terry Bonchaka’s mother, Madam Charlotte Adjetey, was given the opportunity to convey her views and worries about her son’s death on ‘World Remembrance Day,’ in addition to consoling her over her unexpected loss.

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Terry Bonchaka’s mother used a recent interview on Asempa 94.7 fm to explain some terrible events that occurred before and after her son’s death, as well as other related difficulties.

Madam Charlotte Adjetey stated that her son’s death caught her off guard in October of 2003, as she had not anticipated to receive such devastating news at that time.

According to Madam Charlotte Adjetey, Wisa, who was in the same car as her son, Terry Bonchaka, the unexpected happened, resulting in the popular former dancehall artist’s tragic death, even though they were sat in the same vehicle.

Surprisingly, Madam Charlotte Adjetey said that after learning of her son’s death, she was denied the opportunity to see her Terry Bonchaka’s body for the last time, instead being handed his garments when she challenged the hospital where the deceased body was admitted.

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Madam Charlotte Adjetey stated clearly, “I just received my son’s garments when I went to the hospital after hearing about the tragedy.”

Finally, Madam Charlotte Adjetey used the opportunity to thank various dancehall singers, including Shatta Wale, who she said used to come to the funeral of her son, Terry Bonchaka, to play live on stage as a way of pleading for his untimely death.

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