Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese, real name Emmanuel Botchway, the Ghanaian rapper, has made a braggart assertion about his reign in the music industry.

Despite the fact that new monarchs are making waves on the street, the MadTime CEO claims that he is still the king of the street and that the new lords in the industry are beneath him.

Kwaw Kese, who continues to be known as the King of the Street, claims that he is still important in the music industry, as evidenced by the fact that the media continues to contact him for interviews.

During a one-on-one interview with Hitz FM’s DayBreakHitz, he stated that there are kings of kings and that his monarchy on the street is greater than anybody else’s.

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He said, “Of sure,” when asked if he was still the king of the street.

“We have kings of kings,” says the narrator. Asantehene is the monarch of the Asante kingdom as a whole, yet he is ruled by Asantehene. We have Apedwa’s king, as well as the kings of this and that. As a result, he is known as the King of Kings. There are many rulers now, but who was the true king before all of these kings arrived? King of the street, Abodam. That will continue till I die, and even after I die, people will refer to Kwaw Kese as the King of the Street. “You’ve just arrived.” You are Ahenkwaa or Okyeame, respectively. However, Abodam is the ish.”

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Kwaw Kese went on to say that he began doing what the young people are attempting now.

” We started doing what these folks are attempting to accomplish today, therefore you’re the king because you set an example for others to follow.” You started a trend.”

People claim he’s no longer the king of the street after he’s told this. As a reaction, he said:

“I’ve been a king for 20 years; people have grown up, children have been born, and now they attend universities; those same people still refer to me as the king of the street.” People born yesterday, on the other hand, have a new king, therefore they would argue that you are not the king since their monarch is the king of today, although we have been kings for 20 years. Nobody in Ghanaian music has been a king for more than 20 years and is still doing things, so they can say anything they want, but the king of kings is on his throne and no one can take him away.”

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