black Sherif
black Sherif

Mohammed Ismail Sherif, popularly known as Black Sherif, the talented Ghanaian singer, has revealed the fundamental reason behind his decision to remain single.

According to the Second Sermon hitmaker, he has opted to treat his music business as his lover and partner, devoting all of his time to it instead of focusing on a lady.

In an interview with Pulse Ghana, Black Sherif explained why he chose to remain single. The artist claims that his first lover, whom he dated in high school, died. He described how he adored his first fiancée and had made plans to marry her in the future, but she died tragically young.

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Black Sherif described how a fatal sickness spread across the school, killing his lover. He went on to say that the lady’s death crushed his heart.

After that occurrence a few years ago, Black Sherif told the presenter that he wanted to focus on his music profession, and as a result, he has avoided any type of connection with any lady.

He went on to say that establishing a relationship entails devoting time, energy, and finances. He remarked that these are things that he is unable to provide, therefore his focus and attention on his music profession.


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