Sam Safo, also known as Showboy, the Ghanaian rapper residing in the United States, claims he wants to commit his life to Jesus Christ but that Christians are making it impossible for him to do so.

The rapper broke the news on his Facebook page, along with a list of questions he claims he needs to be answered before giving his life to Jesus Christ. Showboy enlisted the aid of God’s servants to decipher certain biblical enigmas.

Showboy sought solutions to his queries from men of God who are well-versed in the Bible. He inquired as to why the devil’s name is more well-known than Jesus Christ’s. Also, why did God not prevent Judas from betraying Jesus, but instead enable him to do so?

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He wrote:

I need my Christian followers to help me understand something about the Bible …I need a pastor to ask him 3 questions about life. Why is Satan famous than Jesus …. Why didn’t God stop Judas from betraying Jesus but allow it .why were the Romans against Jesus ..didn’t the Romans have their God or their God was different.?

“How did carpenter Joseph die… I want to know the names of the 3 wise men … please help me out .. am really lost in religion … my whole life I don’t understand the Bible…I don’t understand any scripture… please don’t judge me because am ignorant…”

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“I need help. I really need to move on in life… I want to give my life to Jesus Christ but Christians make it hard for me .. please help me ..comment n express ur mind let me read and understand a lot about religion …2hypegangworldwide”.

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