Captain Planet

Ghanaian rapper, Captain Planet has made a veiled dig at his fellow musicians for living in air castles.

Rappers frequently rap about material goods they don’t have or can’t afford in the smallest amount of time, but they make their listeners believe they can buy them.

Captain Planet has deflated the rappers’ bubble by claiming that the majority of them live in fool’s paradise. He clarified that the lavish and showy items they pretend to own or offer their loves in their music are not genuine and that listeners should be vigilant and avoid being influenced by what they see.

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In an interview with Kumasi-based Luv Fm drive time program host Dj Reuben, the ‘Abode3’ singer made his submission.

Meanwhile, Becca’s song ‘You Lied To Me’, according to Ghanaian pastor Osofo Kyiri Abosom, is considerably better than Matthew chapter 5 since the song discusses love and affection for one another when the bible scripture does not.

The man of God was previously a presidential candidate, and some believe he’s upset and venting his frustrations on the bible since he didn’t win the election as he had hoped, and it appears that some of his own church members didn’t vote for him last year.

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According to an interview on Angel, the man of God’s statement that You Lied To Me is better…continue reading


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