CJ biggerman and Kuami Eugene
CJ biggerman and Kuami Eugene

CJ Biggerman has chastised Kuami Eugene for boldly performing his lyrics in his new song, demanding him to come and pay him royalty.

Kuami Eugene has often been accused of copying other people’s music, and the phrases he uses occasionally coincidentally resemble those of others, as CJ Biggerman recently pointed out in one of his songs.

CJ Biggerman used a fragment of his song and Kuami Eugene’s song to prove his argument, and it was evident that he took the same phrases someplace, so he requested him to come and pay him royalties since he had used his intellectual property.

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Some internet users feel Kuami Eugene stole the song from CJ Biggerman, while others say it was just a coincidence that they both used the same words, urging CJ Biggerman to disregard it because they are both musicians and it will happen.

We wonder whether CJ Biggerman is accusing Kuami Eugene of copying his lyrics only to be linked with greatness.

Watch the video below:

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