Stonebwoy defended Sheena Adams, a well-endowed model, and professional dancer when a male pervert tried to video her coochie while dancing with the Bhim Nation president. Sheena Adams has broken her silence.

Adams, while performing with Stonebwoy in a viral video published on social media, turned her back on the crowd and swayed her amazing curves fiercely to the rhythm of the track Stonebwoy was dishing out.

Just then, one guy excitedly brought his phone and began filming her underwear in the hopes that her coochie would be exposed so that he could later enjoy the erotic spectacle on his phone.

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Stonebwoy quickly intervened by attempting to snatch the phone, but he was unsuccessful because the man held on to it tightly. The video to this effect divided opinions on the internet. Sheena was impressed with the timely intervention of Stonebwoy and thus applauded him on Twitter.

She reshared the video and wrote: “Honestly. Real kingshit“


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