TV3 Date Rush happens to be one of Ghana’s most popular television reality series, but we were startled to see thousands of people descend on Media General to audition for the show’s next season.

After witnessing a video of Date Rush’s audition procedure online, many people were astonished. They wondered why individuals searching for love were outnumbering those looking for work.

A brave little girl, claiming to be 13, stood out among the many who gathered to apply for a chance to be in this season’s Date Rush.

This 13-year-old girl, like the others, had hoped to be cast as a competitor on the reality program, but she was not granted the opportunity.

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She drew a lot of attention, and she said in a viral interview that she came to fill out a form and audition so she could join the race to find love on live television.

She was rejected in taking the forms because she is too young to participate in a love-themed reality program on television, she claimed with tears in her eyes.

She said that the show’s administrators denied her the opportunity to discover true love and that she feels offended since she was fired due to her age.

“When I went there, they didn’t give me the documents to fill out because they stated I was too tiny to be a part of the performance,” she says. I also inquired as to whether or whether my diminutive size diminishes my sentiments. “Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings,” she said in the video.

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After her interview leaked, social media was inundated with debates over whether the organizers did the right thing or if the youngster deserved love, as the show’s tagline advocates.

Isn’t she meant to be auditioning for the National Science and Maths Quiz, or any other kids’ show?

Watch video below:


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