According to Medikal the rapper, you sometimes have to appear to be dead in order to see the vultures surrounding you who are posing as your friends or loved ones.

Medikal has been making some cryptic tweets since his release from jail for flashing a pistol on social media, and today he stated that he occasionally acts dead simply to witness the vultures circling him as they try to feed on him.

Medikal made it plain to her detractors that his God is stronger than his troubles, therefore everything they try to do to him would fail, and now we know why he remains silent on certain subjects that become popular on the internet.

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As Medikal has pointed out, it’s sometimes helpful to act dead since it will help you identify your true friends and the vultures that are trying to be your friends but won’t spend time feeding on you when you die.

Pretending to be dead does not imply that you will actually die, but rather that you will stop your mouth or refrain from doing certain things in order to discern between those who are loyal and true friends and those who are only pretending to be your friends.

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