Amakye Dede
Amakye Dede

Amakye Dede, the highlife legend, has admitted that he gets uncomfortable listening to his own music.

He claims that the only time he’ll want to listen to his song is after he’s finished recording it.

He then leaves it to the listeners to enjoy, but he does not return to listen to it on any given day.

“I don’t feel at ease when my music is being played when I go there.” I basically want to listen to the music after I’ve finished recording it so that I may repair any mistakes. Apart from that, I don’t listen to my music,” he told Adom FM in Accra.

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“I don’t listen to the music again once it’s out to the public because I know I’ve fixed all the faults and authorized it for public consumption,” he continued.

Amakye Dede is a well-known Ghanaian highlife singer whose work has helped to spread Ghana’s reputation and music over the world.

He has performed on a variety of stages across the world, and his music continues to resonate with people of all ages.


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