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“The Fact That You Featured In A Movie Or Did A Song Doesn’t Make You A Celebrity” – COP Kofi Boakye Schools Ghana Celebrities



Kofi Boakye

Kofi Boakye, the Commissioner of Police, has educated Ghanaians on what it means to be considered a celebrity and who qualifies to be termed one.

Many people in Ghana who are referred to as celebrities, according to him, do not qualify or deserve to be called celebrities.

Following the IGP's meeting with a small group of singers, musicians, and so-called celebrities, stated that persons who believe they are celebrities must abandon their feeling of entitlement.

He claimed that Ghanaians are perplexed by the notion that a person who appeared in a film, directed a film, or appeared on television qualifies as a celebrity.

A celebrity, according to Kofi Boakye, is someone who uses his or her influence and authority for good.

responds to this by saying:

“Who is a Celebrity? What is the operational definition of the word celebrity? I think we should get that because I am confused. We are confused. Is it that when you appear in one film, or you do one song, you qualify to be called a celebrity or what? And because we are confused, we do not know what you want.”

“I want to say that the sense of entitlement by celebrities is becoming overwhelming. And I just don't get it. Some of the things you do are disgusting truth be told…If you want privileges, what privileges do you want? That you could pull a weapon anytime and nothing would be done to you. That is not possible, we cannot do that”



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