Funny face

Ama Vanessa, the mother of Funny Face’s children, has stated that her ambition of becoming an actress and artist was cut short by the estranged father of her children.

Vanessa stated on Royal TV that, while she is renowned today, it was never her desire to be recognized in this way, but rather via the aspirations she was developing as a singer and actor.

Funny Face, she claims, prevented her from pursuing her ambition of becoming famous in the entertainment industry.

Ama Vanessa revealed on the show that despite meeting her while she was trying to be an actor, Funny Face discouraged her from pursuing her career.

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Ama Vanessa revealed that she recorded a song with rapper Medikal, but that the music was banned due to the nature of the language she used in her verse.

She understood why her triplets’ father suppressed the song since, as a role model for children, such a song from her fiancée would have tarnished his title of Children’s President.


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