Uche jumbo
Uche jumbo

Uche Jombo, the Nigerian actress, believes that there is nothing fascinating about drugs. She expressed her opinions on her verified Twitter profile, stating that drugs do not make people creative.

Uche Jumbo cautioned against the use of narcotics, saying that persons who are not mentally strong should avoid them.

Uche Jumbo came to Twitter on November 15 and stated, “I’m not sure why I made this specific post.”

“There’s nothing cool, sexy or exciting about drugs. No it will not make you creative”.

She added that, “if you’re not normally, stay away from it”.

However, Prince David Osei, the Ghanaian actor, has voiced his dissatisfaction with the way most people regard acting as a career for individuals who have nothing better to do with their life or for school dropouts.

Prince David Osei remarked in an interview with Dr. Cann on Happy FM that the career’s stature and value have been diminished by many since it is being advised for those who are untrained in other fields and school dropouts.

“The terrible thing is that most people assume acting is a career for school dropouts or those who don’t have anything to do,” he bemoaned.

“Acting is a serious profession that we’re doing, and it’s opened a lot of doors for us worldwide and globally, and it’s let us meet individuals we would never have met on a regular day,” he continued.

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