Kuami eugene
Kuami eugene

The latest installment of the One Show is guaranteed to pique the interest of Kuami Eugene fans and Ghanaians alike. Tilly Akua Nipaa’s episode, which aired on Oneplay+ on Sunday at 8 p.m., explores the artist’s many intriguing and contentious sides.

Fans of Kuami Eugene appreciate the singer opening up about his creative process and offering basic pointers on how to write a hit song from scratch. Kuami Eugene also takes the time to explain what it means to produce a song based on a vibe, which Ghanaians refer to as sampling.

Kuami Eugene also takes the time to convey the sort of highlife artist he aspires to be. He expresses the following on his Afrohighlife EP:

“I want to be regarded as the one who was able to keep highlife music alive,” he says. When people ask me if I believe highlife is dead, I get irritated. No, I don’t enjoy hearing stuff like that, which implies that if I dedicate 80% of my time to highlife music, I won’t just quit highlife music; I’ll eventually leave and be replaced by individuals who attempt to be like me. I think it’s better if I leave a trail for them to follow rather than erasing everything and leaping straight into Afrobeats.”

Kuami Eugene presents vivid real-life examples to show how Ghanaians’ love of foreign music influences their careers as Ghanaian musicians:

“How many times do people stream Ghanaian music before they decide it can’t go far?” How many times do they play Ghanaian music? – he inquired.

He went on to inquire if any Ghanaians could put Ghanaian music on repeat five times a day. Is it possible for them to play one song 20 times a day, as we occasionally do with foreign music?” He came to an end with his questioning.

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