Obaapa Christy
Obaapa Christy

Obaapa Christy, the Ghanaian gospel singer, has revealed that she does not create the majority of her songs.
Obaapa Christy is now on a promotional tour for her new single, The Glory.

Most Ghanaian singers have been accused of employing ghostwriters without properly recognizing their work in order to take credit for all of the glory.

She admitted that she does not usually write the words of her songs before recording them in the studio in an interview with Atinka TV’s ‘JukeBox.’

“I don’t write my tunes,” she explained. I didn’t create my new song, ‘The Glory,’ ooo… Like putting pen to paper, my pen and book went missing a long time ago… I’ve never composed my own songs since I don’t have a pen and a book… “The melodies simply go through my brain, then I go to the studio and create it,” 

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Obaapa stated, adding that she wrote most of her songs with the help of sound engineer Dan Bassey, but that her current single, “The Glory,” was composed entirely by herself.

“Dan Bassy wrote my prior songs for me, but with this one, I wrote everything myself.” she continued.

She also chastised the management of GHAMRO for failing to pay royalties and taking advantage of musicians.

“Speak with GHAMRO. They are defrauding musicians by withholding their payments. They don’t tell it how it is. They’re a horde of scavengers. They’re taking money from musicians. “However, they should be aware that they will be held accountable for their transgressions,” she stated.

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