Kwadwo Sheldon Kelvin Taylor
Kwadwo Sheldon and Kelvin Taylor

Kevin Taylor, the Ghanaian-American writer, has responded to YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon, who threatened to bring him to jail with his life savings over the latter’s comments regarding a Ghanaian blogger named Albert Hyde.

Kevin Taylor began an attack on Kwadwo Sheldon after he purposefully exposed his conversations to Albert’s former employer, influencing the decision to terminate him from his previous job.

Kwadwo Sheldon, according to Kevin Taylor, relies on delivering harsh criticisms of musicians’ work, hence he had no right to intervene in the young man’s affairs.

In response, Kwadwo Sheldon alleges that Kevin Taylor’s severe criticism has made him feel frightened and that if necessary, he will haul him to jail with his whole life savings whenever Kevin visits Ghana.

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Kevin Taylor has also replied to Kwadwo Sheldon’s threats, alleging that he lacks the courage to bring him to jail, as he previously stated. Kwadwo Sheldon should stop gloating about his ‘chicken transformation’ from YouTube, according to him.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, popularly known as Great Ampong, one of Ghana’s most popular SDA gospel artists, has stated that the advent of hard drives fuelled piracy, which resulted in the early death of musicians’ careers.

He said that artists are not reaping the benefits of their labors because pirates are exploiting technology to rob them of their assets.

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