Twitter user calls out singer, Davido Adeleke, following the massive birthday donation he received under 24-hours.

This is coming following Davido’s request targetted at his friends and associates to donate to the cause of his coming 29th birthday after which he garnered over N150M from.

According to the Twitter user, it is uncalled for that a billionaire like himself sought financial aid from poor Nigerians.

“Ok, you had your fun @Davido. Naha. Funny joke. Now please come out and either 1) return everyone’s money or 2) announce the charitable cause you plan on donating to. This is actually really sick. 

Lmao. Came back to see this tweet takingoff. Davido (a literal billionaire) posted his bank account # on Twitter and asked ppl to send him money for his birthday if they’re his friends. Nigerians are actually sending money to this billionaire and think that’s normal. Lol.

Nigerians worship wealth and status, so I’m not surprised that most of you lack the range and critical thinking skills to understand why this is unethical. The most interesting replies are from people who think I’m broke. 

In actuality, getting a position that put me in the top 5% of earners in the U.S. is exactly what helps me understand why this is wrong. Lol,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Popular music producer and singer, Don Jazzy, splashes the sum of $11,000 on Afrobeat star, Davido Adeleke, for his upcoming birthday.

This is coming a day after Davido set out to make N100M to clear Rolls Royce car from the port for his 29th birthday coming on the 21st of November.

Since the announcement, Davido has made over N150M which came from hundreds of people who sent between N1M and N5M, until now that Don Jazzy breaks the record of sending $11,000; a rough estimate of about N6M.

The billionaire’s son made the announcement of Don Baba J’s generous gift via his Instastory with a wide grin on… Continue Reading

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