Kwabena Kwabena expressed his disappointment that the road toll has been abolished and replaced by the momo tax, and inquired as to what the money collected over the years was utilized for.

The government’s decision to eliminate toll roads Most people are unhappy about it and Kwabena Kwabena’s reaction has raised the question of what the money gathered over the years was utilized for.

Kwabena Kwabena, using the Tema highway as an example, stated that it is meant to be the last section to suffer due to how busy the road is every day and the amount of money received each blessed day.

And that brings us to Kwabena Kwabena’s query about what the money gathered over the years was utilized for, given that they now want to eliminate the road toll and replace it with a momo tax.

Ursula Owusu, the minister of communication, has tried to defend the momo tax by claiming that anyone who sends 100gh is not poor, but it doesn’t change the fact that the 1.75 percent price is excessive even for the wealthy.

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