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Akosua Kwakye, popularly known as AK Songstress, the talented Ghanaian female dancehall artiste, has said that any man who has been supported by a girl and yet feels the need to deceive and abuse her feelings is referred to as “Jonathan.”

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwodwo, she made this assertion. AK Songstress’ new track “Jonathan” is about the abuses and unpleasant conditions that most women face in their relationships, according to her.

Her song, she explained, was written to address males who mistreat their partners in relationships by cheating on them, torturing them physically, and taking them for granted. She claims she has never experienced such an event in her life, yet the majority of individuals who commented on the music video on YouTube related to the song.

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AK went on to note that some women have been of significant financial assistance to their spouses, yet they are still abused and disregarded. Some women assist their partners in the hopes of getting them to marry them, but all they receive are disappointments in the end.

According to AK Songstress, any guy who has physically and emotionally abused his girlfriend is referred to as a ‘Jonathan,’ however not every Jonathan will do so to their loved ones.

This comes after AK Songstress claimed that she has been subjected to spiritual attacks by persons she believes are connected to the Ghanaian music business.

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