Kwame A-Plus
Kwame A-Plus

Kwame Asare Obeng, better known as Kwame A-Plus, a Ghanaian political analyst, has declared that the doctrine of spiritual regions known as Heaven and Hell, as maintained by the majority, particularly Christians, is a fable with no foundation.

Gods, angels, souls, saints, and treasured ancestors are considered to be born, enthroned, or live in heaven, according to religious mythology. Hell is also thought to be a place in the afterlife where bad souls are condemned to perpetual punishment, most commonly by torture.

Heaven, according to A-Plus, is merely a collection of clouds that generate rain and has nothing to do with the afterlife. During an interview with blogger Sammy Kay, A-Plus declared that he does not believe in a place called Heaven where he would walk on gold or a place called hell where he will suffer eternally when he dies.

Our colonial master used colonization to persuade us that there is a place full of riches called paradise while they (the whites) mine our gold in our nation, he added.

He went on to suggest that anyone who believes in a location called Heaven in the hereafter where saints would rejoice and sing praises to God can die now and go there since it sounds more pleasant than earth.


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