Ak Songstress
Ak Songstress

AK Songstress, the Ghanaian female dancehall musician, has called herself the next great thing in Africa’s music landscape.

Following the success of her current track, ‘Jonathan,’ the ‘Jonathan’ hitmaker has high aspirations of eventually breaking into the Ghanaian music scene.

After years of hard labor, AK believes now is the moment to shine.

“I’ve known this day would come for a long time. I know I’m going to (SICK) become one of Africa’s top stars. It will happen, I am stating unequivocally. This is only the beginning; I thank all of my followers and God for keeping me alive till now,” she said in an interview with Hitz103.9FM.

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The singer went on to say that her management, Paradise Entertainment, was instrumental in her success.

“My management is the biggest blessing in my career because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.” It hasn’t been easy, and the same management has been in place since the beginning. They’ll be there for as long as I wish to work with my current management.”

She has expressed her dissatisfaction with Ghanaians’ lack of support. As a result, AK has urged the public to back their own.

“After two weeks, when my song Jonathan was out, it started doing well. People said that they were unaware that this new song was Nigerian… Let’s embrace that since they assumed it was Nigerian when you heard the buzz about it… when it started blowing from Nigeria. “That is Ghana’s problem,” she said.

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Meanwhile, AK has accused the local music business of using juju.

“One thing I know for sure is that there is juju in the system,” she said in an interview with Graphic Showbiz. I haven’t been feeling good since this song gained popularity. On social media sites, it has received a lot of attention. When you look at Tik Tok, we have approximately 20 million views, and the amount of individuals that use it for their skits is really encouraging, and it’s one ailment after another, and it’s not natural.”

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