Teacher Kwadwo
Teacher Kwadwo

Teacher Kwadwo, the well Ghanaian teacher and comedian, has clarified that certain rape remarks he made about one of his students a few years ago were only a joke.

Teacher Kwadwo said that he made such remarks before he was hired as a teacher and that the postings were dredged out by certain people on social media in order to smear him.

Teacher Kwadwo made a post in 2016 in which he expressed his desire to rape and explicitly requested ‘raping strategies’ from his followers.

Following such statements, teacher Kwadwo received a lot of anger from the public, and his contract with Huawei was eventually terminated.

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“The most beautiful girl in this school in this school is in JHS1 and she nor get breast saf. I wanna do something too. Please with the rape techniques, how do I start?” the post read.

But, in an interview with Delay, Teacher Kwadwo clarified what happened next:

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to clear the air.” My remarks were misconstrued, but I’ll attempt to clarify today. That exact article was published in 2016. By that time, I wasn’t a teacher. In 2017, I began my career as a teacher. We all make jokes and subsequently realize that we shouldn’t have said certain things. We’ve all made remarks solely to make others laugh, and we thought it was normal at the time. My contract with Huawei was cancelled, and I was devastated.”

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