Volta Tidal Waves
Volta Tidal Waves

The Brotherhood Of Anlo which is made up of all strong and vibrant young men of Anlo has donated items to Fuveme JHS Candidates  to support victims of the Keta tidal waves.

The items were received by the Assembly Member, Hon. Francis Normanyo on behalf of the brotherhood through the general secretary.

In presenting the items, Kofi Lekey took the opportunity to advise the final student to continue studying for junior high is just the start. 

Kofi also went on to encourage them to help their parents whiles waiting for the BECE results.
However, to the chairman, Frank Yao Avevor, they decided to come to the aide of the victims when they heard the news of the tidal waves that ripped apart homes in Keta.

Items donated by  Brotherhood Of Anlo to the student of Fuveme are; pens, pencils, and mathematical sets.  

However an undisclosed amount of money was also donated to cater for the lunch of the students throughout the examination period.

About Brotherhood Of Anlo

Brotherhood Of Anlo is a non-Profit Making Organization registered at the Registrar General Department. The group was established on 28th August 2016 and currently has a membership of about 50 young men from the Anlo land.

The group is chaired by Frank Yao Avevor and  Kofi Lekey as general secretary.

The main purpose of the brotherhood is to assist young men in Anlo develop themselves both personally and financially. Again to also help Identity and contribute towards the development of Anloland through projects.

Aims of Brotherhood of Anlo

The aims of this group are as follows:
i. To bring brothers of Anlo land together, foster unity and build a sense of belongingness coupled with vibrant union of great minds.
ii. To help brothers in times of need as well as promoting the interest of brothers.
iii. To promote and project the good name and image of the Anlo land.
iv. To co-operate with stakeholders in the pursuit of development in the Anlo land.
v. To participate in public affairs Vi. Social responsiveness within the Anlo land

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