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Ghanaian singer, Akosua Kwakye, well known as AK Songstress has lamented over how her talent and singing craft have been underrated for too long in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Roman Fada on Atinka FM’s drive Show, AK Songstress stressed how other female artists are given the needed attention but she is not despite her craft and talent.

According to the artist, ever since she emerged as a musician in Ghana, she has received little support and attention from the media and some key industry players. Ak Songstress said she has worked so hard as an artist should and deserves maximum attention and support as others receive.

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“I Have really worked hard, I have done many great songs but I have been underrated,” she told the host. She debunked claims from critics that her songs are not marketable. She stated that the problem is not songs but Ghanaian’s don’t support real talents.

AK Songstress has been in the music industry for a while now and has released about twenty-four singles. Some songs AK Songstress has released include Hallelujah, Machine man, 37, Odo, Jonathan, secret admirer, Here I am, and many more.

One of the popular songs making rounds is “Jonathan”. AK Songstress’ “Jonathan has gone international as a lot of Nigerians have joined the Jonathan challenge on TikTok.

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