Efia Odo, the socialite, has deflated everyone’s dreams of having a romantic connection with her by stating that she is not searching for love but is willing to spend money with them.

In earlier posts, Efia Odo regretted being played and now is single but not looking. Some guys who are interested in her appearance to be sending her email and other things to demonstrate their interest, but she has dashed their expectations with her current tweet.

She claims she isn’t searching for love, so they may stop contacting her. However, if they simply want to spend money on her, she will cheerfully take it because no one refuses anything nice and free.

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Efia Odo then informed them ahead of time that if they expect something in exchange for their money spent on her, they should forget it because she won’t give them what they want and will cheerfully spend their money if they want to spend it on her.

Efia Odo appears to understand what she’s trying to do and most likely knows how to play her game, because today’s men don’t spend money on women without expecting anything in return, and she herself isn’t ready for a meaningful connection.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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