Michael Blankson
Michael Blankson

After 30 years of unsuccessful attempts, Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson has become a citizen of the United States of America.

Michael announced on November 24 that he had finished his neutralization ceremony in Los Angeles by posting a photo of himself proudly waving the US flag.

After being given US citizenship, the actor, who couldn’t disguise his excitement, declared that he can finally grin.

He proudly flashed his green card in front of his 5.3 million Instagram followers, saying, “America is the best country in the world, and that’s why everyone comes here for a chance.”

His post read: “They finally made me an American citizen. Only foreigners will understand why I’m smiling and what we go through to get a green card or citizenship.”

He also says that as soon as he is sworn in, he will file for assistance.

“I’m showing ya this because I have to turn this in back to the U.S immigration today at 10 in Los Angeles. For those who have no idea what this is it’s a green card and now you know a green card is not green lol. I’ve made a living making fun of America and Americans but all jokes aside America is by far the greatest country in the world and that’s why everyone comes here for an opportunity.

“Today I’m turning in my green card to replace it with an American citizenship certificate. I’m not going to get into details of why it took over 30 yrs to finally become a citizen but one reason was I just loved being an African and wanted to stay authentic.

“This country has been nothing but a blessing to me especially my Black Americans who embraced me from the first time they saw me on Comic view and the movie next Friday, can’t forget my Latin Americans who also showed me love then followed by Asian Americans, Indian America then about 5 yrs ago White Americans came on board. I say that because that’s what makes American great is a whole bunch of people from different parts of the world came to settle in one place and that’s why this is the best country in the world. Can’t wait to swear in so I can apply for welfare,” he wrote.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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