Zarri hassan
Zarri hassan

Zari Hassan, the Ugandan socialite, and singer is always youthful, wild, and free! While separating, one would believe she is 16, yet she is 41 years old.

When she gets together with her girlfriends, the attractive mother-of-five pumps up the volume like a true party animal.

Mikenancy, one of her closest friends, recently came to Instagram to upload a video of Zari Hassan and lavished love on her.

She wrote: “Wherever Zari Hassan goes, she leads, she charms, she entertains, she makes everyone happy! She is magnetic without making an effort! She is lovable: people fall for her charm without her trying! She is special and great! This was her birthday celebration recently, she was in her element, in control! She just did her thing and all of us were hypnotized, captivated and in admiration.”

The self-proclaimed Boss Lady, along with the all-white girls, are shown experiencing pleasant moments in the 6-second film.

Zari Hassan loses control as she unleashes uncommon dance techniques as the selector plays her baby daddy, Diamond’s Waah hit song.

She enthusiastically lifts up the dress, accidentally revealing her assets like a 16-year-old high-school girl.

Watch the video below:


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