Majid Michael, the Ghanaian actor, has startled his audience with some shocking revelations about his personal life.

According to the experienced actor, he used to consume narcotics until he decided to alter some of his acquaintances.

The interviewer, evidently taken aback by his answer, wanted to know more about the substances he was doing at the time. When he fell unwell, he wondered if he was referring to ordinary medications used to cure mild illnesses or dangerous narcotics.

It was narcotics, not everyday drugs, Majid clarified. He went on to explain how his group of friends nearly destroyed him as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.

On Joy FM’s The Reason is Jesus, he made his submission.

After his shocking comments, Majid Michael cautioned everyone to be cautious about who they choose as friends.

“Friends are really important.” “Be cautious about who you associate with because who you associate with has an impact on how your life ends up,” he said.