Counsellor Lutterodt

Counselor has lost his cool over actor Psalm Adjeteyfio's persistent asking for help.

The actor T.T. was heard appealing for aid from Ghanaians again in a new recording that has gone viral on social media. Hee asked for people's leftover food after revealing that he had invested the GHc50,000 that Dr. Bawumia had given him a few months earlier.

People who used to support him withdrew when Dr. Bawumia made a public contribution to him, according to the actor of Taxi Driver fame. He further alleged that Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey, who had pledged to assist him with GH1500 per month, had reversed his decision and had broken his promise to aid him.

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Counselor Lutterodt responded to the current issue by telling the host of Okay FM that T.T.'s string of requests for aid is becoming a nuisance.

According to Counselor Lutterodt, he is preying on the good will and goodwill of Ghanaians to deceive them, knowing that whenever he comes to beg, people will be moved to aid.