, also known as T.T, the veteran Ghanaian actor, has apologized unequivocally to socialite for lying about the contribution she gave him.

In an interview with Sammy Kay, actor revealed that he only collected GHc600 from but that she failed to keep her promise to him. gave GHc600 and some soft beverages, according to T.T.

He further revealed that when he called her, she offered to fly him out of the country for good medical treatment. She, on the other hand, did not keep her word. T.T made this remark after being asked to account for all of the funds he had received since September.

T.T has apologized for lying about the exact amount she donated to him after slammed him for stating she gave him GHC600 and soft drinks.

T.T revealed in a new interview with Ola Michael on Okay FM that he usually attends interviews with his son, who keeps him updated on everything that’s going on and the money he’s received, but that the day he had the interview with Sammy Kay, he went alone, which is why he couldn’t recall the exact amount donated to him by Ayisha Modi.

He did, however, apologize to Ayisha Modi for the error, confessing that she had given him GHc5000.

Watch th video below:

Source: Dklassgh.com