Dennis Nana Kwaku Dwamena, better known as , the Ghanaian Lynx Entertainment signee, has addressed the reality that most underground artists aren’t blowing because music isn’t their calling.

According to him, if music is not one’s calling, it will harm one’s mental health and irritate one’s life to the point where they may decide to give up on life altogether, yet the reason for their failure might simply be that music is not one’s calling.

said in an interview with Citi TV that being a musician requires more than just skill since one needs a strong team to handle one’s career. Otherwise, one would not be able to make it.

He claimed that having a skilled team as a musician plays a critical part in the musician’s career and that without the team, the musician would be unable to do everything on their own.

went on to say that the same brain that an artist is meant to use to write songs is also utilized to track down media houses for interviews, so he or she needs a crew to do it for them.