Samuel Adu Frimpong, better known in showbiz circles as , the award-winning Ghanaian rapper, has urged the Ghanaian government to set aside a budget for Ghanaian artists every year.

is one of Ghana's entertainment stars who is advocating for the government to grant cash to the entertainment sector in order to help them improve their particular professions.

Entertainers, both veterans, and newcomers, have asked the government to spend cash on the entertainment business and pave the way for entertainers to profit from their talents.

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This also highlights the fact that the majority of artists and performers think the system is not set up in their favor in their area of work. Musicians have reprimanded GHAMRO for failing to pay royalties to Ghanaian musicians, for example.

Medikal has also urged the Ghanaian government to have a prediction for Ghanaian artists every year, arguing that they should be included in the annual budget submitted to parliament.