Kwadwo Ampofo, better known as , the Ghanaian disc jockey, has encouraged Ghanaians to quit blaming one another in the music industry.

What will help the music industry, according to him, is making it better, and his remarks come after Shatta Wale made a stir by claiming that Nigerians do not help Ghanaian musicians.

Shatta Wale stated in his submission that while almost every radio station in Ghana plays a Nigerian song, the situation is different in Nigeria. Ghanaians consume Nigerian music at a much higher rate than Nigerians consume Ghanaian music, he added.

In a recent submission to Hitz FM, responded to this by saying:

Radio stations have aims that are set by producers, and the DJs follow the instructions.

As stakeholders, we need to know what we want to accomplish. We must also recognize that our Nigerian brothers and sisters have paved the way, demonstrating that it is possible. As a result, we must both emulate and achieve.

Instead of blaming each other, we should concentrate on improving our music. We need to start thinking about how we can get our music on foreign platforms.

DJs, producers, and artiste management are not to blame. We just need to know — from all parties involved — how we’re going to get there.

Produce a song with worldwide appeal if you want to get your music heard throughout the world. That’s all there is to it. “