Semi - Sika

Fast-rising Ghanaian male vocalist , has released his highly anticipated single titled Sika produced by multi-talented Tracebeatz.

has been in my special book of most promising artistes in Ghana and this is because, he puts in great contents and always has a beautiful story to tell in his songs.

The “Sika” song talks about the struggle men in Africa go through before earning some income from their sweat and when the money comes, men believe that there is also the need to spend.

The music talks about how the youth are striving to get money to feed brothers and sisters at home. Simply, money is the reason for the hard work.

Songs like this portrays the artist’s talent and brings out his composing skills. sings so beautifully that I almost doubted if he is the same person I have been listening to. Don’t get me wrong though, what I am trying to say here is that, he proved to us we have not seen the best of him yet!

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