Sarkodie, Ghana’s uncontested rap king, has been pleaded with by a prominent Nigerian journalist and YouTuber to spare just five minutes of his time for an exclusive interview session.

On a podcast, Tobe compared and contrasted Sarkodie and Nigeria’s MI Abaga in a “Versus” challenge while on a podcast with another Nigerian commentator named Kelly and a Ghanaian.

They then compiled five of the aforementioned artists’ viral songs to determine who has the most flow and might win the VS challenge at any time. Tobe’s opinion, Sarkodie is a top-notch performer whose rap style defies logic.

As a result, he demanded a private one-on-one meeting with him in order to comprehend his brilliance. Tobe blurted out, but with a lighter tone and a hint of eulogy, “

Sarkodie, we don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who we are. We simply need a 5-minute interview with you if you’re watching us; we want to know what goes through your head when you’re rapping, and we want to assess your mental health. ‘