Nana , the former bestie of , is back shouting after saying Afia Schwar’s biological father is alive while she is mourning the death of her mother’s partner.

This week, the outspoken comedian hosted a one-week memorial ceremony for her father, who died on January 17, 2022, after a long battle with cancer.

Ghanaian celebrities, bloggers, family, and friends flocked to the one-week service in expensive cars to show their support for .

Tracey Boakye was seen in one video lavishing cash on Afia Schwar, who was dressed in black and dancing with her pals.

Following that, Nana declares in a self-recorded video that Afia Schwar’s brilliant plan to convince others to fund her extravagant lifestyle has succeeded flawlessly.

He went on to say that following her “claimed” father’s burial and final funeral rites, she would use the money she would get to purchase a Range Rover.

We’re shocked that a provocative figure like Afia Schwar, who despises nonsense, has remained silent about Nana ’s charges.

This demonstrates that Afia Schwar has been deeply affected by the loss of her alleged father.