Ghanaian socialite has slammed people who criticize or fight others only to make a point or gain attention on social media by claiming they are impoverished, claiming that no genuine businessperson has time for that.

Speaking on how some individuals, especially those from foreign countries, insult others merely to make a point or attract attention on social media, argues that he sees this as f00lishness and that it’s because they’re poor.

They want to be famous in a short period of time, so they trash others and fight with others simply to get known, according to him. He believes that’s what poor people do since no serious individual looking to make money will have the time to be on social media.

People are fighting each other on social media to get seen, and virtually everyone is doing it since it gives you more views and followers in a short amount of time, so they believe it’s the best way to go if you want to get known quickly.

However, believes that everyone who does so, even some prominent female personalities, is impoverished and not serious about making money, because no serious person has time to be on social media criticizing and fighting others simply to be recognized for a short period.