Tracey Boakye’s Baby Daddy Finally Identified - See Who He is

, the actress and movie producer, is said to have been disowned by her mother, according to an Instagram blogger.

and her mafia geng have been trending on social media for days, as a large number of netizens have mocked and insulted them.

has been chastised by a blogger for hurling abuse at Mzbel despite the fact that she ignores it. She alleged that the voice of , which has been altered, is being used to verbally abuse the singer.

’s mother has disowned her, according to the blogger, who advised the actress to go beg her mother for forgiveness since it is a curse.

The blogger wrote, “Tracey Boakye Borla Bird, let me tell you one thing. The whole world knows you’re the one doing all the audios insulting Mzbel… You can even change the voice to a goat, we’ll still notice it’s you… The funny thing is that the person you’re busily competing with is not even looking your way.. 3nny3 de3 3hia nie oo… Your mom has disowned you, go and beg her wai na that one alone is a big curse on its own”.